Liaisons with Publications Publications, Conferences, Members, Technical and Education Activities

A successful I&GA Committee will need to leverage potential synergies with the activities of other CIS committees. To identify and achieve this alignment we will need to appoint Liaisons with the following Committees:

Conferences . Include Industry members in conference organizing committees; Attract Industrial sponsorship of conferences and exhibits; Increase Industry participation (keynote, panels); Create a CAI attractive to Industry.

Publications . Consider a proposal for a journal similar to Control Society’s IEEE Transaction on Control System Technology and evaluate its feasibility; Create an Industrial Applications Section in the CI Magazine.

Technical Activities. Leverage TCs and TFs to identify and appoint experienced members to create services & products for Industry. Examples of such offerings are White papers, Position Papers & Reports, Webinars, Tutorials, Panels, Workshops, Ind. track Papers; 1-day Ind. Day, Full tracks in Flagship Conf., Standards for AI Ethics; Quasi-standards; Presence (Inv. Talks/Tutorials) in Industrial conf.; Industry Ambassador; I&GA Portal Maintenance.

Education. Continuous Education Webinars; Summer Schools with Industry participation; Tutorials for Industry Managers; Synergy and best practice for using IEEE Resource Centers and creating promotional videos.

Member Activities. Increase the number of experienced Industry volunteers (e.g., Sr. Members & Fellows); Increase the number of Industry Fellow nominations; Maintain a mini-CRM to communicate with CIS Industrial Members; Include Industry members in DLP.

During the first quarter of 2022, in consultations with the respective VPs, the VP for I&GA will appoint liaisons to the committees listed above.