I&GA Committee Appointment Information

Each I&GA Committee (I&GAC) shall have a Chair, two Vice-Chairs, and a number of Members. I&GAC Chairs shall be appointed by the President of the Society in January. The I&GAC Chair will then appoint two I&GAC Vice-Chairs and I&GAC Members. The appointment of the I&GAC Vice-Chairs and the I&GAC Members needs to be approved by the Vice President for Industrial and Governmental Activities. I&GAC Chairs, Vice-Chairs, and committee members must all be IEEE CIS members. The number of I&GAC Members should ideally be between 20 and 35, and not to exceed 40 in any given year. It may be necessary to limit the number of appointed new members to adhere to this requirement.

In addition to maintaining compliance with the IEEE governing documents, one of the more important aspects to consider when evaluating potential membership in an I&GAC is ensuring that each I&GAC will be able to work productively, positively, and collaboratively together for the greater good of IEEE, IEEE CIS, and the larger community.

I&GAC chairs will, as much as it is feasible, recruit a diverse and inclusive I&GAC membership concerning such factors as gender, geographical region, and professional affiliation (government, public sector, industry, and academia), with a particular emphasis on the engagement of Under-Represented Groups. I&GAC members are expected to be active in IEEE CIS with a reasonable track record of research, applied research, or professional engineering experience relative to opportunity. The I&GAC chair may nominate active and competent researchers, practitioners, government, public sector, or industry representatives from areas outside of IEEE CIS in I&GACs where multi-disciplinary input is valuable. In all cases, the I&GAC Chairs will use their professional judgment to decide on the nomination of I&GAC members, considering, in particular, the key aspects in respect to membership listed above. I&GAC Chairs may consider publicly available sources of relevant information such as academia-focused search engines, to inform their decision.