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Annual traditional exchange of ties between IEEE CIS and INNS presidents

Memorable event! for the first time, the annual traditional exchange of ties between IEEE CIS and INNS presidents was an exchange of scarves between two women presidents at the IJCNN 2021 conference!

Preseident sarf exchange twitter

Prof Chrisina Jayne – President of INNS (top) and IEEE CIS President, Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier (bottom).

CIS Sponsered IEEE Fellows Elevated as of January 2021

Huang De Shuang for contributions to neural networks for pattern recognition and bioinformatics.

Joao Gama for contributions to mining data streams.

Jonathan Garibaldi for contributions to computational intelligence techniques in data analysis and decision support.

Lise Getoor for contributions to machine learning and reasoning under uncertainty.

Xiaofeng Liao for contributions to neurodynamic systems and chaotic cryptography.

Jose Lozano for contributions to the estimation of distribution algorithms in evolutionary computation.

Bao-liang Lu for contributions to artificial neural networks and affective brain-computer interfaces.

Vincent Tseng for contributions to utility pattern mining and biomedical applications.

Ganesh Venayagamoorthy for contributions to the application of artificial intelligence to power systems.