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University Curricula

The CIS University Curriculum Subcommittee (UCSC) is part of the CIS Education Committee and it promotes the development and proliferation of Computational Intelligence courses in the undergraduate and graduate curricula.

Goal Statement

Computational Intelligence is a relatively new research field, which has demonstrated explosive development since the 80's. Despite the fact that a significant amount of educational material is accessible and available, fundamental achievements have not been organized yet into a comprehensive CI curriculum due to the relative youth of the discipline. To give a prosperous future to the Computational Intelligence Society, we have to nurture undergraduate and graduate level students by means of high-quality and effective courses and educational materials. This will attract talented and enthusiastic students as well as document the progress of the field.

The CIS University Curriculum Subcommittee supports this goal in the following ways:

I. Maintaining and developing a comprehensive database of university courses and programs on Computational Intelligence

Our database contains information over 100 courses at present and will be expanded. If you are involved in CI education, you are encouraged to make your course material available for broader use through our database.

Courses with complete materials are assessed and may be endorsed by our subcommittee. Endorsed courses can be recommended for CIS educators and the course web site linked through the IEEE CIS Education Center.

II. Computational Intelligence University Textbooks and Programs

There are hundreds of relevant textbooks available world-wide, still there is space and need for comprehensive textbooks presenting a truly integrated approach to CI as an emerging discipline. The success of this task would strengthen CI on a long-term basis.

Our goal is to reach to our members and make them understanding the great opportunity associated with the design of education textbooks and programs at the University level.

III. Publicity and Outreach Activities

We work to continuously maintaining our web site, display information on ongoing activities, and provide access to available resources. We plan to link of resources database to the CIS Educational Repository.

Keep public awareness on our work, through CIS Newsletter, contributions to CI Magazine, upcoming Special issue on university curricula and textbooks, expand social networking sites, organize special sessions, panels at conferences.

If you have any suggestion, feel you free to contact the Chair of the University Curricula Sub-Committee.

Please stay tuned for news!