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Computational Finance and Economics TC - Task Forces: Agent-based Computational Economics


Shu-Heng Chen (UK)

Vice Chair

Herbert Dawid (Germany), Robert Marks (AUS)


Jasmina Arifovic (Canada), Jason Barr (USA), ilvano Cincotti (Italy), Robert Marks (Australia), Peter Winker (Germany), Michael Neugart (Italy)


Support for:

  1. Special Sessions at Conferences
  2. Special Issues in Publications
  3. Grow awareness for our TC


Computational Economics, Agent based systems


IEEE CIS Activities and Other Activities

Activities in 2017 Shu has organized a conference at Ford - NYC which a few of our PC members have participated in.
Planned activities in 2017/18 Prepare for possible special session in upcoming conferences with the CFE TC conference Liaisons setup by Okan Build up more members for TF