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Computational Finance and Economics TC


This organization is known as the Computational Finance and Economics Technical Committee (CFETC) of the Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. (IEEE).

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of the CFETC is to promote the research, development, education, and understanding of computational finance and economics. Scope of computational finance and economics includes:

the development of advanced computing techniques for financial and economic applications;
through the application of advanced computing techniques, advance the subjects of finance and economic;
to bring research in computational methods to real-world financial and economic applications.


The CFETC members are appointed by the CIS President with the agreement of the CFETC Chair for a one-year term. The term of service expires at the end of the calendar year for which they have been appointed.


The CFETC Chair is appointed by the CIS President with the agreement of the CIS EXCOM for a one-year term. The term of service expires at the end of the calendar year for which the CFETC Chair has been appointed. No more than two consecutive full terms are permitted.


There is no membership fee for joining the CFETC. Funding for the committee shall be provided by the CIS in the annual budget request. Once approved by the CIS AdCom, funds will be available to support the CFETC activities. The Chair shall be responsible for the appropriate use of the approved funds. The Chair produces an annual financial report to the AdCom.


The CFETC shall engage in various activities in order to promote wider acceptance of computational finance and economics as a prominent, multi-disciplinary research, identify and promote new areas of research in computational finance and economics, collaborate on production of tutorials and book series within the area, promote IEEE Senior Members and Fellows program, maintain the Committee's website, maintain a network of expertise in computational finance and economics, and organize conferences, workshops or special sessions in CIS-sponsored conferences. The CFETC will actively work with the organizers of CIS-sponsored conferences to insure their technical excellence.


A newsletter has been started.

The Computational Finance & Economics Technical Committee Newsletter Editors will be:
Dr. Agostino Capponi, Robert Golan, Dr. Han La Poutre

Submission details are as follows: This electronic letter is intended as a source for rapid dissemination of information to the computational intelligence society around the world. We welcome submissions in the form of novel proposals or replies to earlier proposals submitted by other authors.

The length of each proposal should be approximately 2-3 pages. The main purpose of the newsletter is to stimulate discussion among specialists, both academicians and industrial practitioners, on important topics at the frontier of machine learning, artificial intelligence computational finance and economics. These areas include agent-based computational modeling, financial calibration of interest rate, equity and credit risk models, computational econometrics and statistics, computational modeling of dynamic macroeconomic systems, computational tools for the design of automated Internet markets. The newsletter can be thought of as an initial vehicle to get or provide feedback on research problems. The authors interacting on this newsletter may later consider writing papers and submitting them to leading research journals.

Content: Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: computational methods for calibrating financial models, pattern recognition techniques for identifying structures in social and trading networks, (real) option based methodologies to value investments, sequential decision making policies under uncertainty, probabilistic models for the evolution of financial, electronic and prediction markets, analytical methods for characterizing value and cost of information.

Register Audio/Video: You may register a video or audio telling us about your current research and problems that are currently under your investigation. You may share views on research problems with other leading experts in the field.

Please send your submissions to:
Dr. A. Capponi
Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena (CA), US
Tel: 1.626.757.11401.626.757.1140 


Meetings will be called by the Chair once a year, usually in conjunction with the CIS AdCom meetings, or at IEEE conferences organized by the CFETC, or as requested by the CFETC members. Sufficient advance notice of the meetings will be given to the members, as well as to other interested parties. The Chair shall prepare an agenda before the meeting, and shall prepare minutes for distribution after the meeting.


This Charter becomes official after at least 2/3 core members present at The Committee Meeting approves it. Subsequent changes and amendments also require 2/3 majority vote.


Task Forces

Agent-based Computational Economics, Chair: Shu-Heng Chen

Advanced Algo Trading, Chair: Philip Yu, Vice Chair: Chenghui Cai, Daniel Paraschiv

Portfolio Optimization, Chair: Dietmar Maringer, Vice Chair: Sandra Paterlini

Business Intelligence & Knowledge Management, Chair: Xin-She Yang, Vice Chair: Ivan Jeliakov

Behavioral Analysis and Decision Support, Chair: Ronald R. Yager, Vice Chair: Antoaneta Serguieva, Edward Tsang, Robert Golan